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We provide different types of standard and tailor made tour packages throughout the park’s main attraction areas and beyond accompanied by a guide.

Bale Mountains’ National Park with one of the highest incidences of biodiversity, animal endemicity of any terrestrial habitat is celebrated in the world.
Starting from short trekking up to long horse riding trips can be arranged within all the park area making your stay enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

* Trekking:Since the park is mainly a walking area, visitors who are intending to do some walking can experience the route, specifically around Gaysay Mountain package or shorter walks and all the day-long walk surrounding the nearest areas of the park.
* Horse trekking: For visitors spending several days within the main parts of the park, this package is comprehensive with pack and riding horses.
* Sport fishing: There are about nine cool dip, clear rivers and streams found within and beyond the layout of the park, having high potential of sport fishing afterwards,
* Bird waching: An ideal place specially for bird watchers, providing an opportunity of seeing endemic birds found only in area if you care to spend,
* SofOmar Caves: For those who are interested in experiencing further and make a day’s outing from Dinsho, visiting the fantastic lime stone cave of Sof Omar is possible making Dinsho as a spring board.
Trips arranged (what you will experience in the park very different endemic mammals of Ethiopia occur, Ethiopia’s endemic birds, wild flowering plants of Ethiopia along the way as well the unique Biodiversity of the area including a natural wonder of Sof Omar.

We strive to make your stay worthwhile and memorable, Various tour roots provided from Dinsho Lodge are outlined as follows:



Trekking around Dinsho and bale national park
10 nights/ 11 days
Dinsho-Habera-Keyensa-Harena Gora-Kanwe-Hawo-Katcha-Rira-(if you arrange beforehand you can be fetched by your own car either from Riya or Katcha) Humburi-Gebre Guracha-Worogona-Dinsho,


9 nights/10 days
Dinsho-Adela-Habera-Keyrensa-Morobawa-Rafu-Humburi-Abelkassim-Gebere Guracha-Worogona-Dinsho,


8 nights/9 days
Dinsho-Habeya-Wassema-Keyrensa-Rafu-Humburi-Abelkassim-Gebere Guracha-Worogona-Dinsho,


7 nights/8 days
Dinsho-Habera-Keyrensa-Morobawa-Rafu-Gebere Guracha-Worogona-Danka-Dinsho,


6 nights/7 days
Dinsho-Habera-Keyrensa-Rafu-Humburi-Gebere Guracha-Worogona-Dinsho,


6 nights/7days
Dinsho-Bodeti-Adela-Habeya-Merarothyough-Darkena and Harchaa Mountains-Worogona-Danka-Dinsho,


5 nights/6 days
Dinsho-Habera-Wassema-Gebere Guracha-Worogona-Dinsho,


4 nights/5 days


3 nights/4 days


2 nights/3 days
1 nights/2 days

Some suggested trekking routes, if you are planning to be fetched by your own vehicle.

5 nights/6 days
Dinsho-Habera-Wassema-Keyrensa-Rafu-Rira-Katcha(meet the vehicle, onward to Dinsho or rift valley),


3 nights/4 days
Dinsho-Habera-Wassema-Gebre Guracha-Short trek to Tulu Konteh Mountain to meet the vehicle.